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Have you ever sat in a coffee shop on a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper, thinking you would really like another coffee but can’t be bothered to get up and order it? The result is that you don’t bother, and so the coffee shop loses your sale.

How different would your experience be if the waiter stopped at your table to ask if they could get you another?

After you place your order, you’ll probably settle back with your paper and relax a while longer, feeling pleased with your decision. So think back to how you might feel in the first scenario? ‘A little dissatisfied, because you didn’t stay longer and get that extra cup of coffee?

Look at what is happening in the second scenario:

* The coffee shop is generating extra revenue

* The customer is delighted and saying longer

It works because the waiter followed up. It’s a chance to either upsell with another product, or to fix anything that may have gone wrong. It’s a very simple way of getting more from your customers, so how can you implement such an easy strategy in your business?

Follow up in these areas:

1. Call your customer one week after you ship to make sure they are happy with their purchase

2. Invite your customer back in to get the product adjusted if need be

3. Ask your customer if they need further training or help, beyond what was provided initially

4. Call those proposals that you have not yet heard back from

Action: Choose at least one from the list and follow up religiously. Set up a process to ensure this is done – your customers and bottom line will thank you for it.


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