Did you realise you can use social media to increase your customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty online as well as using it as a marketing tool?

No matter what size your company is or how many resources are available, you can make use of these online tools to grow a loyal fan base. This is true even if things have gone wrong temporarily, perhaps due to a bad comment being posted.

So how can you make your customer satisfaction online even better?

1. Respond

By responding to all comments that are posted on your social media pages, you have the opportunity to either make right a situation, or deepen an already great relationship with that customer. If it’s a negative comment, not only is that particular customer looking for an answer but so also are the others that have seen the post and may have the same concern.

2. Plan

Even the smallest company needs to have a plan in case of negative feedback. The best option is to respond to the original comment, and include your contact details to take it offline, so you may need to set up a designated email or telephone number that you can publish. This shows everyone that you have responded, but you are not entering into a long discussion publicly. A win for both sides.

3. Utilise

Upset customers online are also your crusaders. They feel passionately about your product or service to be following your brand in the first place, and desperately want you to sort it out when it fails. These evangelists will tell their friends about your product or service and how you dealt with the problem so make sure you respond to them in a timely manner and look after them.

Action: Ensure you have a process in place to monitor the social sites and respond accordingly when someone interacts with you.

Don’t be afraid of using the online tools, it’s a great way to interact with your customers and further deepen your relationship with them.

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